With over 35 years of deep technical expertise, Active Apparel Group’s mission is to provide their partners exceptional and strategic end-to-end solutions in the sourcing, development, production, and distribution of apparel products.

They do this through a responsible lens and look for solutions that push the industry forward – good for our people, good for our planet, good for your business.


Within the scope of our project for AAG, we embarked on a transformative journey to develop an entirely new brand identity while crafting a sophisticated website tailored to their needs. Our comprehensive approach included designing a high-end website featuring an interactive global map, dynamic landing pages, and seamless form integrations aimed at attracting new businesses. From conceptualization to execution, our goal was to create a digital presence that not only reflects AAG’s core values but also captivates and engages visitors. Through strategic branding and intuitive website design, we aimed to position AAG as a leader in their industry, offering a seamless platform for exploration and business growth.

** In collaboration with Studio Misfits and Deceptive Co.