As We Sin was conceived on New Year’s Eve, 2020, when Timothy and Mark discovered a shared love of hard rock. Timothy’s gritty vocals soaring over Mark’s heavy-as-shit riffs inspired mammoth songwriting sessions and dozens of original tracks.

Finding the perfect rhythm section wasn’t as easy. After many false starts they landed Tim, one of the hardest-hitting drummers to emerge from the LA club circuit. When British expat Alan heard this pile-driving trio he locked his Rickenbacker bass onto Tim’s thunderous grooves and hard rock was reborn in Nashville.


Our creative endeavors extended across a spectrum of brand development and digital expression. We meticulously designed and developed a comprehensive brand identity, crafting a visually captivating website as the digital cornerstone. Our artistic touch also extended to photography, where we captured compelling visuals, and illustrations that enriched the brand narrative. Furthermore, our multifaceted approach included the creation of album covers, each a unique piece of art tailored to the musical identity. We delved into merchandise design, producing distinctive guitar picks and eye-catching t-shirts that harmonize with the overall brand aesthetic. Adding a dynamic dimension, we ventured into video work, providing engaging visual content to complement the brand’s storytelling.