Colcima creates superior protective coatings for luxury surfaces. They have set out to do this by going back to their roots and getting back into the lab. It’s their hope that their journey will provide simple solutions with significant impacts to plaster protection. In the end, they are certain IT’S THE FORMULA that will set Colcima products apart.


In the scope of our project for Colcima, we embarked on a comprehensive journey to establish a cohesive brand identity and develop a fully functional e-commerce Shopify website. Our goal was to prioritize cost-effectiveness for the client while ensuring the inclusion of interactive and stylized elements. Through strategic design and development, we crafted a visually appealing website that captivates users without compromising functionality. Additionally, we incorporated a wholesale feature, enabling customers to purchase in bulk conveniently. The result is a seamless online platform that not only reflects Colcima’s brand identity but also enhances the shopping experience for both retail and wholesale customers.

** In collaboration with Studio Misfits