iDOME Shelters is the brainchild of a motley crew of outdoor enthusiasts from Laguna Beach, California. As veteran adventurists, our love of the outdoors is endless, but their days of cramped uncomfortable camping are long over.

They grew tired of small flimsy tents that would break during set-up or blow away in the wind, and they were finished being frustrated by lost parts, time-consuming setups, and daily discomfort… Our list of demands was long: they sought something sturdy, spacious, and completely customizable; a relaxing retreat where we can stand upright, feel safe and sleep soundly.


In the scope of this project, we embarked on a transformative journey, initially launching an e-commerce website through Kickstarter to raise awareness of our client’s brand and product. As momentum grew, we seamlessly transitioned into developing a full-fledged website with interactive elements tailored to enhance user engagement. Additionally, we integrated a donation collection feature, specifically aimed at supporting the distribution of the product during catastrophic events such as hurricanes. This multifaceted approach not only facilitated online transactions but also served a noble cause, aligning with the client’s mission to make a meaningful impact in times of crisis. Through strategic design and development, we created a dynamic platform that not only showcased the product but also fostered community involvement and philanthropy.

** In collaboration with Studio Misfits.