Preferred Workplaces


Preferred was formed to offer corporate users an alternative to large, commercialized coworking spaces. Flex space operators who join the network receive enterprise-level qualified leads sourced directly from Preferred’s one-on-one Fortune 1000 client relationships. Preferred provides account management services on behalf of its member operators, handling all paperwork, billing, and portfolio oversight.


Within the scope of this project, we embarked on a comprehensive journey, initiating with a brand refresh to invigorate our client’s identity. Concurrently, we developed a website tailored to their needs, featuring a custom portal exclusively designed for the internal team. This portal serves as a centralized platform enabling seamless monitoring and addition of properties available for public rental and workspace reservation. Through meticulous design and development, we ensured the website and portal are intuitive, user-friendly, and aligned with the refreshed brand identity. This integrated solution not only enhances the client’s digital presence but also streamlines internal processes, facilitating efficient management of property rentals and reservations for their workspace offerings.

** In collaboration with Studio Misfits and Studio Co.